Heat Factory Warmers Review

Heat Factory warmers use natural ingredients to create warmth.
Heat Factory warmers use natural ingredients to create warmth.

By Kimberlee Frederick

With a promise like “Never be cold again,” Heat Factory’s warmers pack a lot of punch in small pieces. Heat Factory disposable packets work instantly to distribute heat to wherever they’re placed, a task that’s accomplished through a mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, dust and vermiculite that, when exposed to air, results in a heat-producing oxidation process.

Even the large warmers, which measure about 4×6 inches, are ideal for putting into coat pockets on especially chilly days. What’s even better is that the warmers employ a “stop and go” process so that if all the heating time isn’t used up at once, they can be popped into an airtight bag and reused up to a week later. This was perfect particularly for the large warmers, which have a 24-hour heat life.

The exterior material of the warmer, while soft and cloth-like, is strong enough to where no rips should occur that would spill grainy contents everywhere. The lack of odor emanating from the packs is another major plus, as is the pack’s pliability, which allows it to fit just about anywhere.

As an added bonus, all Heat Factory warmers are environmentally friendly. When they’re used up, just dump out the iron mixture and recycle the pack. All things considered, the ease of use, efficacy of the Heat Factory warmers and their multi-faceted nature might just earn its reputation as “The Brand That Never Fails.”

Heat Factory inert ingredient warmers also have specially designed feet and to warmers, along with other applications. What we found by using Heat Factory warmers in single-digit winter temperatures is that it is best to activate the Heat Factory warmers and put them in your pockets close to your body heat. By storing activated Heat Factory warmers in your pockets, you will immediately benefit from the warmth.

Don’t wait until your finger tips are numb and expect to whip out a Heat Factory warmer from its plastic wrapper. We did, and it was a lesson learned experience. When it’s cold enough to affect your external appendages, you’ll want the Heat Factory warmer already activated and heated up. If you wait until your hands are too cold, then activate a Heat Factory warmer expecting immediate heat, you might be a bit disappointed. And you’ll have to default to getting your hands and fingers warm by any other means available. Seriously, we value the heat these Heat Factory warmers can generate, but you’re better served by planning ahead enough to make sure they are generating heat first. Heat Factory warmers are proactive warmth solutions, not instantaneous emergency solutions.

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