British Team Wins The 2011 Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race

British team adidas TERREX/Prunesco For the third time in a row, the British team of adidas TERREX/Prunesco won the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race. The team completed the challenging 503 km course that involved 248 km of mountain biking, 150 km of trail-less hiking, and 105 km of river and sea kayaking in the wilderness of Chilean Patagonia.

The team was one of 14 from all over the world that competed in this 10-day race and completed it with two days to spare. “All I wanted to do was finish,” says Fi Spotswood of team adidas TERREX/Prunesco. “This place is so wild. To do so many days in the wilderness with not seeing any people is incredible.”

Only six of the 14 teams completed the race as torrential rains forced a section of the course to be cancelled. In the process swolen rivers forced three teams to be air-lifted over an impassible part of the course. 

The Wenger Patagonian Expedition race is an annual eco-endurance race¬†sponsored by Swiss Army knife manufacturer Wenger. The sponsors and race use the “Leave No Trace” principals, aiming to help sustainable tourism and protect the region’s wilderness. The race also supports the Wildlife Conservation Society by raising awareness of its projects in Chile. For more information, visit

Wenger Patagonian Expediton Race Kayaking
Teams had to endure 105 km of river and sea kayaking. Later some of the rivers became so swollen that three teams had to be air lifted over an impassible part of the course.
Mountain biking is always a part of this endurance race.
Mountain biking is always a part of this endurance race. Of the 503 kilometers of the race course, 248 of it was on mountain bikes.

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