Three Custom Knife Designers Join Benchmade For 2011

Butch Ball Harley-Davidson 13450 T-Rod
Butch Ball Harley-Davidson 13450 T-Rod

Three world-class knife designers have partnered with Benchmade Knife Company to usher in cutting-edge innovation, custom finishes, and the latest locking mechanisms for folding knives, and artisan design for fixed blade knives as well. These three custom designers are Butch Ball, Paul W. Poehlmann, and Bill Harsey, Jr.

Each of these knife makers will have a freshly created knife debut at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada starting January 18, 2011. The SHOT show is said to be the largest outdoor sports trade show in the U.S.A.

But the good news is, after the official release on January 18th, these blades and future designs of knife makers will be in the Benchmade lineup going forward. So if you appreciate great knife designs for your outdoor pursuits, then you have some cool knives to look forward to.

Here is some brief profile information on these knife makers and their recent designs created under the Benchmade banner.

Butch Ball grew up with a fascination of knives and began building his own knives in a machine shop in Florida. In 2001, he built his own shop in Virginia, where he currently resides. The first Benchmade-Ball collaboration knife will be the new Harley-Davidson® 13450 T-Rod™ as seen in the lead photo at upper left.  This knife is a push button, two-position knife that can be either a fixed blade or a dagger. Featuring a modified clip point 440C stainless steel blade and aluminum handles, this knife also includes a black leather sheath. MSRP $120

Paul W. Poehlmann is a skilled custom knife maker and designer of mechanical solutions. He draws on an engineering career in the

Paul W. Poehlmann's new Axial folding knife for Benchmade.
Paul W. Poehlmann's new Axial folding knife for Benchmade.

aeronautical industry where he designed escape system hardware and survival equipment. Poehlmann’s passion for precision has resulted in some of the smoothest and safest folding knives ever made. He invented the Paul® axial locking mechanism and holds more than forty utility patents and two design patents.

The new Axial™ series of knives will be released within the Benchmade product line. These knives all feature the Paul® locking mechanism and are available in a variety of sizes and handle materials, including G10, Carbon Fiber, Cocobolo and Ivory Micarta.

3800 NTK by Bill Harsey Jr. for Benchmade
3800 NTK by Bill Harsey Jr. for Benchmade

Finally, Oregonian Bill Harsey Jr. is an award-winning knife maker and designer. Known for his unique ergonomic designs, he has crafted many one-of-a-kind folding and fixed blade knives that have become the preferred edged tools of several Special Forces units.

The 3800 NTK™ is the new Benchmade-Harsey collaboration featuring a double action locking liner automatic mechanism, D2 tool blade steel and Nylon handle with textured Kraton®.

“I am excited to add three very talented custom designers to the Benchmade team,” says Les de Asis, Founder and CEO of Benchmade Knife Company. “These additions will help Benchmade continue to create the most innovative and functional designs in the industry.”

2 thoughts on “Three Custom Knife Designers Join Benchmade For 2011

  1. I purchased my first Benchmade knife ten years ago and now own several. I must say that the “T-Rod” is the silliest, most impractical, attempt at a dual purpose knife I have ever seen. Is it a drop point hunter or is it a push dagger? Both? I fail to see how the combination of the two can be appealing. A push dagger is a fighting knife meant to be used in high stress situations. Not something that you need to fiddle with to get flicked open. Also, I wouldn’t want to rely on ANY lock mechanism with a push knife. Also, the sheath is all wrong for a push dagger. Is this knife supposed to appeal to the Harley Davidson crowd? I think a Harley rider would rather be seen on a moped than have that thing hanging off his belt!

  2. Hi Craig,

    Thank you for your comment. Benchmade knives, like other high-end knife makers, are often the craftsman’s vision of a piece of artwork. It’s okay when you see a design that doesn’t suit your uses. It’s simply an artist/knife maker’s vision of something new. Let us know what kind of Benchmade or other manufacturer’s knife model you would like to see. Let’s work on that one.



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