Tech4o Pocket Power Pack Review

Tech4o Pocket Power Pack. Photo copywright

A solar power pack comes in handy for keeping your electronic devices charged when you need them outdoors.

Most outdoor enthusiasts know that a cell phone can be a life saving device in an emergency. That’s why a solar powered charging system, like the Tech4O Portable Power Pack comes in handy. Some solar powered chargers are large, bulky and heavy. Others are extremely light weight and paper thin, but take forever to charge your phone.  The  Tech4O Pocket Power Pack weighs 2.8 oz and comes with a convenient carrying case that when closed, it’s slightly larger than a box of playing cards.

What’s great about this power pack is that although it’s small in size, it also has the power to charge a device relatively quickly. The Pocket Power Pack uses a small solar panel that measures roughly 5-inches wide and 3.5 inches long. The solar panel has a maximum output of 9-volts and a maximum current of 130mV. This means that it’s adequate enough to charge the systems’ power pack in about 8-hours in direct sunlight.   All things considered, we thought the Tech4O solar panel is a good compromise to keep the unit lightweight and small in size. This makes it feasible for any backpacker, day hiker or trail runner to carry the Pocket Power Pack as part of their gear, without adding substantial weight.

The power pack charges in 8-hours using the solar panel and can be used to charge a cell phone, or other electronic devices.
The power pack charges in 8-hours using the solar panel and can be used to charge a cell phone, or other electronic devices.

The unit’s rechargeable power pack is a lithium-ion battery that can be charged with the solar panel or via a device with a USB port, such as  laptop computer. When charged via the USB port, the power pack can be fully charged in only two hours. The power pack also features two LED lights that can last up to 30 hours under a full charge, making the unit great for a personal light in your tent or bivy sack. The output of the power pack is 5 volts at 500 milli-amps which makes it perfect for charging devices that utilize a USB port. The kit also comes with multiple connectors including male/female USB ports, mini/micro USB, Apple 3G and more, allowing you to charge just about any device you can take along with you.

We charged up the power pack in slightly less than 8-hours and were able to recharge a standard phone and Blackberry in about 4 hours from the power pack.  We liked that it also features a charging indicator light and that there are two battery chargers that allow you to charge AA and AAA rechargeable batteries too.

The carrying case safely holds all of the connecting cords, adaptors, solar panel and power pack. It also comes with a carabiner that allows the unit to be clipped onto the outside of your pack. The Tech4O Pocket Power Pack retails under $100. For more information, visit

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