Pelican 2690 HeadsUP Lite Headlamp Review

Heads Up! It’s all about the new Pelican hands-free illumination

Pelican HeadsUp headlamp. Click to enlarge.By Mary Webb

You won’t want to miss Pelican’s 2690 series HeadsUp Lite.  With various outdoor excursions in mind, we wanted a light that could take us from a family camping adventure to an evening bike ride along the road.  It’s all about hands free in California, especially when you’re setting up tents in the evening with a busy family, and those times when you need to hang on tight to your handle bars along a dark street.

Light up the Campground!

We took the Pelican HeadsUp Lite camping on a family trip to Santa Barbara. While other families fumbled along the path to the campfire with unstable hand-held flash lights, our family was able see clearly, hand in hand towards the camp site.  With 10 hours of AAA battery burn time, we knew our path would be well lit for unpacking at dusk.

With Santa Barbara comes the evening moisture from the ocean, fortunately the HeadsUp is made from ABS water-resistant plastic.

HeadsUp is light, compact, and powerful.
HeadsUp is light, compact, and powerful.

Not only is the ABS water resistant, it is also lightweight at a mere 4.1 ounces!

The whole family wanted to take turns wearing the HeadsUp! Clock-wise rotating knob allowed us to control the on and off capabilities.  We felt the rotating knob had less of a chance to accidentally turn on and off, as there was a proper 1/2-turn that takes place even before the LED light comes on. Plastic grooves on the built in rotary switch, which houses the lens, lends itself to easy handling; particularly those times you are wearing thick gloves.

Versatility comes in the design. There is a small stand at the back of light which transforms the Headups into a lamp, so to speak. This little lamp-stand allowed us to set the light on the tent floor for setting up sleeping bags in the evening.  There are 3 different ranges on the stand to reflect light at different angles. Each position clicks in place and we were able to read in our comfortable Big Agnes Yampa sleeping bag after an extended day hiking the trails along the Pacific Coast.

Ample padding next to your forehead makes the HeadsUp Lite easy to wear.
Ample padding next to your forehead makes the HeadsUp Lite easy to wear.

Light up the Road!

We were quite pleased at how bright the Pelican HeadsUp Lite is, the radial spread of light is impressive.  Enough to keep us safe on an evening road bike ride along the coast.

The HeadsUp Lite comes with two adjustable straps, elastic band and rubber. Elastic band is stitched tight and durable with a soft fabric that feels good against the forehead, the material repelled sweat as we took our bike up steep-hilled slopes.  Rubber strap fit nicely on our biking helmet also, snug and tight without slipping around.

Light up your world!

Pelican brings light to any adventure with this one. So whether you are planning a family camping excursion to the back country or intense climbing in Bryce and Zion, you will feel secure in long lasting light, durability and affordability at only $32.95!

HeadsUp Lite 2690 LED Flashlight Specifications

Light Source:


Tested Lumen Value:  60.0

Tested Lux Value @ 1 Meter:  1,000


3 AAA Alkaline, included

Battery burn time:  10 hours




2.81 inches (7.1 cm)

Weight with batteries

4.1 oz.

Weight without batteries

2.8 oz.

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