IceBreaker 260 Rapid Leggings Review

IceBreaker 260 GT cycling pants
IceBreaker 260 GT cycling pants

By Mary Webb

Photos by Austin Hulen 

A carbon Giant road bicycle, strong muscles, a good helmet and IceBreaker’s 260 GT Rapid Leggings are the perfect combination to pedal you ahead of the pack.  As we researched various road-bike events to participate in, we discovered The “Citrus Classic” event in Southern California to benefit public education.   Upon studying the 30-mile course we would encounter, we were confident that the Rapid leggings were going to deliver the competitive edge we were looking for in a pair of cycling pants.

Going the Extra Mile

The Citrus Classic is primarily uphill.  Traveling up steep slopes on your bike can be cumbersome, but Rapid Leggings allowed the legs great mobility with mid-weight fabric in the knees.  Made from New Zealand Merino fabric, the pants held up fittingly in moisture and odor control.  As the day brought cooler weather, this writer was dry and comfortable.  Because of the mid-weight fabric design, Icebreaker’s 260 GT cycle pants were thick enough to keep the legs warm in the early fall morning, yet versatile enough to withstand temperature increases throughout the day.  Flatlock stitching held up nicely; Gusset triangles are sewn into strategic locations, such as ankles and crotch, to further assist in the movement and flexibility of the pants, even on mile 25!  Elastic band around the waist makes the pants easy to slip on and off. You’ll really how the pants fit snug but not too tight.

Safety in Design

Safety in the streamline design of the pants is a welcome characteristic.   We never worried about the Rapid Leggings getting caught

IceBreaker 260 GT pants are comfortable even just hanging out.
IceBreaker 260 GT pants are comfortable even just hanging out.

in the chains because they were nestled around the ankles.  The Ice Breaker GT logo on either side of the ankle base is made from reflective material, as well as the white piping that accompanies the flatlock stitching, steering you clear of passing motorists who will see you clearly on an evening ride in to the sunset.

Professional Appearance

Rapid leggings will be with us for several rides; dependability and classic design will get an intermediate rider racing towards the pros.  And that’s the plan. These pants can be worn alone, or perhaps as a base layer for additional winter activities.

Take great care of the Rapid Leggings and they will take care of you.  We have washed them a half dozen or so times and they are holding up strong.  It’s very important not to put them in the dryer, the fabric likes to dry out on its own.  A normal cycle on the washing machine is the ticket, and stay away from fabric softeners.

Rapid Leggings sell for a $110.00 and are available in black.

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