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Whistles For Life - Safety. Click to enlarge.By Kimberlee Frederick

Designed by search and rescue safety professionals, the whistles of Whistles for Life come equipped with everything an effective safety tool needs. With a 120-decibel sound, two outer sound chambers for multi-directional sound dispersal, grips on either side in case of wet or gloved hands and a key ring and clip for easy fastening, this bright orange whistle is nothing short of ideal for safety situations of all varieties.

An essential tool for any hiking, boating, camping or other wilderness experiences, this whistle can provide a chance at rescue in case of emergencies in a number of situations. Even outside the context of the outdoors, it is useful to keep in a car, on a key ring or attached to any sort of pack. As a young college student, this writer attaches the whistle to purses and backpacks, thus adding an extra level of safety during any nighttime excursions.

The hands-free mouth grip design does make the whistle a bit bulky when attached to keys, but that’s not much of an issue in terms of hiking or any other outdoor excursions where it would be attached to a larger pack. Whistle for Life can be can be custom ordered to represent any company brand or special event, yet the high-volume alarm this whistle delivers remains constant, loud and clear.

120-decibel whistle will get attention quick.
120-decibel whistle will get attention quick.

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