Baladeo knife: Le 34 Grammes Review

Boladeo 34 Grams. Click to enlarge.

Baladeo knife

Kimberlee Frederick

Appropriately called “Le 34 Grammes,” or “The 34 Grams,” the recently released Baladeo knife is as light and easy to handle as its namesake suggests. Ultra-thin and lightweight, the folding blade is comfortable enough to open with a one-hand motion, making the knife ideal for a multitude of situations. What is more, the belt clip included is massively helpful; beyond clipping snugly to pants, it also allows for easy attachment to inner backpack pockets, meaning there’s no chance of the slimly designed knife getting lost amidst other supplies.

The knife loses nothing in terms of safety in its miniature design. The lock on the blade holds strong during any manner of use, from slicing through rope to cutting through cardboard, but it also folds up without fuss with the simplest of movements.

It stands to say, then, that the blade is quite effectively sharp and the streamlined, stainless steel design enables decent control on the part of the user.

However, because the knife values sleekness over advanced utility, the grip isn’t great, meaning that exactness in cutting is not guaranteed. It is a small price to pay, though, when the advantages of having a tool that takes up such a small amount of space are considered.

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