Climbing In Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Christina Austin Red River Gorge, KYMy name is Christina Austin, and I’m living in Columbus, Ohio. My favorite place to climb is the Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky. The rock quality is spectacular and the weather permits climbing 9-10 months out of the year.  In the summer, hiking into the cliffs is like walking in a tunnel of green light under the lush southern vegetation.

In the winter when the leaves are down, the land is laid bare and you can see out of the dead-end canyons for miles.  This picture was taken of me on my then-project “All things Considered.” I didn’t get it that day, but I came back later and sent! There are miles and miles of cliffs to climb, more than you could ever get sick of, so that’s why I get my fresh air fix in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky!

Christina Austin
Columbus, OH

13 thoughts on “Climbing In Red River Gorge, Kentucky

  1. What a smashing picture. Truly stunning. It is amazing to randomly stumble on such a picture while searching the internet for new and innovative outdoor products.

  2. Great picture – I’m always amazed at the angles of climbing photos like this one. It gives a really unique perspective.

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