Brooks-Range Field Organizer

Brooks-Range Field Organizer OpenForget trying to stuff all of your maps, documents and ski passes in the various pockets of your ski jacket. Brooks-Range has a Field Organizer that keeps all of your paperwork in order.  The Brooks Range Field Organizer is a waterproof nylon portfolio that features six different organizational pockets and special holders for pencils,compasses, and snow safety cards. It also comes with a Rite in the Rain notebook for keeping track of all your field notes and observations. The Field Organizer’s Velcro tab keeps everything from spilling out, and the bright yellow color makes it easy to find in your pack. Weight 1.2 oz.; Dimensions: 4” x 7”; MSRP: $22.00

One thought on “Brooks-Range Field Organizer

  1. This may seem a little anal to be so organized in the mountains. And it is. Honestly, this is not a piece of gear you need to carry everyday. BUT – It is handy for a lot of purposes.

    – Any sort of educational experience, like a avalanche course
    – You may be skiing with someone with more, or less, experience, and there will be questions
    – A multi-day hut trip
    – Any sort of expedition
    – A trip to a new place

    It’s full of great information. Even if it stays at home, it is a great place to catalog your adventures, and plan for the next one.

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