Granite Gear Uberlight CFT3 Drysacks

GG-ubergroup_final. Click to enlarge.Granite Gear is three steps ahead with the Uberlight CFT3 Drysack system. Made from super light, yet awesome strong Spectra fibers layered between Mylar film, the CFT3 drysacks allow you to keep your gear organized and protected with a tough waterproof barrier just in case you find yourself setting up the night’s bivouac in a spring downpour.

Each CFT3 drysack shown here is available in the sizes outlined below. Suggested retail prices range from $38.00 to $48.00 U.S.

Granite Gear Uberlight Drysacks

Volume Weight Dimensions
Option A. 7 Liters (425 c.i.) .53oz. (15 grams) 4.5x7x17″
Option B. 10 Liters (610 c.i.) .60oz. (17 grams) 5×7.25×20″
Option C. 13 Liters (800 c.i.) .67oz. (19 grams) 5.25×7.75×21″
Option D. 18 Liters (1100 c.i.) .74oz. (21 grams) 6×8.75×22.5″

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