Keen MILO Disc Golf Shoe

KEEN_MiloNew from Keen is a shoe specifically made for disc golf. The MILO is designed to carry disc golfers through even the most demanding of conditions, and features a KEEN.DRY waterproof barrier, reinforced toe bumpers, asymmetrical lacing and superior grip properties keeping your feet dry, protected and in place.

The shoe’s S3 shock suspension, is engineered to support the foot on impact, dissipate shock and reduce your odds of twisting an ankle. The MILO has an MSRP of $110.

8 thoughts on “Keen MILO Disc Golf Shoe

  1. If Keen says that these shoes were designed for disc golf, then that is a lie. I own these shoes. I bought them a couple of years ago when they were not called the Milo. They were called the Wasatch Crest WP and were supposed to be designed for hiking and trail running, both of which they are not good for. I noticed a while back that they changed the color of them and put a disc golf symbol on them. This is just marketing B.S. They are not good for disc golf either, as I have tried to play in them. Don’t be fooled. If you want to see for yourselves, search for the Keen Wasatch Crest WP on Google and compare. They are the exact same shoe. I’ve come to believe that this Keen brand might be bunk, and junk. I just don’t want people to waste their money.

  2. Wow, harsh words for a company that’s pumping tens of thousands of dollars into disc golf, sponsoring tournaments and players worldwide and supporting disc golf charities like EDGE and providing avenues for each member of Team Keen to donate $1,000 each to the disc golf related non-profit organizations.

    Yes – the MILO is based off of and built from the Wasatch Crest tooling. However they used a different welding process and new textile for the upper to make it more durable. What many people don’t realize is the cost involved with producing new tooling for shoes and making a new shoe from the ground up. It starts around a quarter million dollars and goes up from there. Any healthy footwear company would do what KEEN is doing right now, by taking existing tooling, tweaking it and testing the market with it. If the market then proves itself, they then move forward with new models and colors.

    Since the release of the MILO, I’ve personally seen prototypes for the MILO II (due out this Fall) and an additional prototype due to hit the market in Spring 2011. Considering the MILO II, KEEN has listened to all the feedback and made some very substantial changes to the shoe.

    KEEN has proven itself to be an amazing company in and outside of the disc golf world. It’s leads the outdoor industry by setting the example through their corporate and social responsibility standards. The Disc Golf world needs to be embracing KEEN rather sending them our skepticism.

    -Avery Jenkins-

  3. I’ve had these shoes since last December and I have to say these are the best disc golf shoes that I have had. I usually have to buy new disc golf shoes every 6 months and these have lasted. It is, alas, time to buy a new pair but I want to wait for the Milo II. I have bought 4 pairs of Keens over the last two years and have not ever been disappointed, even my wife’s sandals and she is picky.

  4. I personally like the Brooks Cascadia Trail Running Shoes for disc golf. Although they do tend to wear down fast on concrete tees. I’m interested in trying these KEEN shoes once they’re released. It’s great to have a company vesting time and money in our sport . They support us, we should support them.

  5. i’m using some north face trail running shoes and while the fit is great i’m getting some bevelled wear on the sole of the left shoe on the inside portion of the sole. apparently, i am ‘draggin'(?) my left foot on the tee and the wear is noticeable. also, the bottom of the sole is a thin black rubber that is glued to the main sole and that is trying to peel back. if i am going to look for new shoes i will definitely be looking at that area of the shoe pretty closely. the pictures of the milo don’t seem to show that the milo will resist that kind of wear…

  6. I just got the new Keen Milo II shoes at usdgc. All I can say so far is wow. They are the most comfortable shoes that I have worn for disc golf. The grip on the tread is unsurpassed in my opinion. The fact that they are waterproof and reinforced on the outside is a very nice feature and that will keep me from having to lug an extra pair of shoes around for rainy or dewey days.

    When I listened to the presentation at usdgc about them I heard more durable about 10 times. That is great considering I have worn thru so many shoes playing disc golf. Only time will tell if the sole holds up but the rest of the shoe is spot on no doubt.

  7. I am in search of the Keen Milo in size 11 for a Christmas present. Does anyone know where I can find them? The only site I found is out of the size I need. Any suggestions?

  8. Susan,
    My suggestion would be to start with the list of retailers on the Keen site and see if you can track down a pair of size 11’s. Plus there are tons of retail outlets you can do a “Keen Footwear, Milo” search on to contact them.

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