New TentPak “Grab N’ Go” Pack and Shelter

TentPak Open. Click to enlarge.

TentPak Systems introduces “Grab and Go” pack and tent combination!


After the devastation of September 11th in 2001, Galen Bench’s first was inspired to create TentPak, and “grab and go backpack” supplied with critical gear in the event you need to bug out from a hot zone.  The the tsunami that struck the Indonesian coastline of Sumatra in December 2004  was the impetus that led the Bench family to introduce TenPak to the mass market.

Originally, TentPak was designed to fill a gap in the emergency preparedness product market. Today, TentPak’s unique design patent – integrating a tent and a backpack into an all-in-one unit – has evolved into a grab-and-go solution for hikers, photographers, hunters, scouts, families, outdoor enthusiasts and emergency response teams alike.

Now it’s available in 12 different backpack models and two tent models. Each TentPak  includes a built-in two-person tent in either an all-purpose three-season or four-season expedition model. TentPak models vary in design for use in extreme situations to more recreational expeditions with varying strap features, storage design and accessories.

On average, TentPak weighs approximately 13 pounds – tent and backpack combined. Each TentPak is built on the European High Peak platform, a top selling design for more than two decades. TentPaks feature high-quality ripstop nylon and polyester fabrics, Duraflex buckles and connectors, and water resistant bags and zippers. Each backpack is also equipped with an internal rain cover to keep gear dry during inclement weather.

Beyond the convenience of providing an all-in-one tent and backpack solution, TentPak is an easy to use device. Upon arriving at a campsite, simply unroll the tent from inside the bottom of the pack and set it up. The backpack remains attached to the tent after setup. The pack stores inside of the tent or in the rain fly vestibule, even while connected, for easy access to gear and protection from small critters. For protection in bear country the pack separates from the tent for storage up a tree. And, when it’s time to break camp the tent simply rolls back into the bottom of the backpack.

With the tent stored in the bottom section of the TentPak, carrying weight is more effectively distributed across the users back instead of focusing the weight on the shoulders where tents are traditionally carried.

FreshAirJunkie is trying to arrange a product review on the TentPak, so we’ll share our thoughts after we’ve had the opportunity to get theTenPak in the field.

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