Nau Glimpse Dress, New for 2010

Nau Glimpse dress. MSRP: $85
Nau Glimpse dress. MSRP: $85

Nau apparel, like this new Glimpse dress, is gaining traction in the outdoor industry for a down to earth approach to creating good looking clothes for the trend-setters around the world. Sure, you can wear socially conscious garments and still pull off that classy entry into the main lobby that you’ve been practicing for years. You are classy, healthy, and active at work and at play. You’d like to wear the latest cuts, and the Nau Glimpse dress let’s you do that. If your man tells you your gams’ are hot, then plunk down $85 for a Glimpse, and let him buy you dinner.

Glimpse is a knit jersey dress that shadows the body’s contours without being clingy, leaving you free to move; like out of the Bentley at valet parking. Includes an internal shelf bra, body-length seams, and wide shoulders with optional snap ties for when you want to provide a glimpse at more…Don’t be shy.

A mixture of 80-percent jersey cotton and 10-percent spandex allows for that playful feline stretch and cougar-like movement. Removable snap ties add gathering at the shoulders. Oh yeah, that internal shelf bra provides both definition and support.  It is made from 100-percent organically grown cotton, which does not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or defoliants at any point in its growth and development.

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