Eric Larsen Sets Out To The North Pole

Eric Larsen Tri-Polar Expedition

The Save The Poles Expedition begins its second leg of documenting climate conditions from the South Pole, North Pole and Mt. Everest.

Eric Larsen and the Save The Poles Expedition began the second leg of their journey today, setting off on their journey to the North Pole. The team is tracking climate changes on the earth’s poles and the summit of Mt. Everest in a single 365 day period. The three-man expedition team will have to trek  490-miles to reach the North Pole.

Larsen has already reached and documented climate changes at the South Pole in January, after skiing 750 miles in 48 days. The goal is to document the various changes at the “front lines” of these frozen places and add to the information being compiled about global warming. 

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2 thoughts on “Eric Larsen Sets Out To The North Pole

  1. My hat is off to Eric and his entire team for their determination and rugged indurance

    along with their dedication to the cause of Global Warming..

    All the best to you
    Kathy Tovar

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