Hydrapak 2010 Morro Daypack

Hydrapak Morro. Click to enlarge.

For your journey to higher performance levels, the Hydrapak 2010 Morro series is serious about the climb!

Hydropak’s new Morro was designed for all-day mountain bike missions where keeping hydrated and nourished is just as important as that helmet on your head.  And for you day hikers, the need for water is no less critical. And you are going to need some carrying capacity to store your fleece pullover, Power Bar’s, and anything you don’t want to carry in your pockets. The team at Hydrapak have been building hydration and storage gear for the mountain biking for years now, and the Morro is their flagship day-pack that let’s you know Hydrapak gets you.

Hydrapak sought to design a pack to accommodate a daylong supply of water, and with enough storage capacity to keep all the gear you’ll need for a long day of busting trails on a mountain bike or on your feet.

So we took the opportunity to take the Hydrapak Morro on a couple day trips that included bike rides and trail hikes. Our overall take on the Morro is that it’s well thought out, sturdy, and held enough water and gear to last a long day. Here are some of our observations:

All around Storage:

Nylon interior of main compartment is roomy enough to accommodate additional clothing items for change in temperature.  Sweatshirt, gloves and hat are easily stored while textured pull grips on the zipper allow tired hands to retrieve items quickly.

Inside flap of the main compartment houses a soft line pocket with Velcro closure for cell phone and there are also two sleeves for pens and pencils.  Two additional zippered pockets are located at the top and bottom of inside flap, where continuous necessities such as First Aid may be kept.

Morro is a hydration pack designed for Mountain Bike excursions, but it's great when your on foot.
Morro is a hydration pack designed for Mountain Bike excursions, but it's great when you're on foot.

Side Storage compartments are ideal for snacks and held secure with adjustable straps so items remain intact.  While these side compartments are beneficially constructed, two are not really necessary. An outside meshed drink holder in lieu of one side compartment would be advantageous, as it would allow for additional thirst options.

At the back of pack, a side-loading zippered pocket cradles an inside mesh pocket.  For the music enthusiast, iPods or portable devices are held secure with elastic bands and clip.  A three  -tiered outlet for headphones makes it easy to pull the wires in and out.  Sunglasses may be tucked away in another arc-shaped  pocket at the base of pack.  A beneficial addition to the back of the Hydrapak Morro would be greater reflected material for evening outings.

Plenty of Hydration:

A sturdy, pliable, bladder offers almost three liters of water storage capacity. Bladder was a cinch  to fill up, and easily secured with flap and sliding enclosure.  A hook is provided to hang inside the second main storage compartment. The water tube is strong and can well serve the thirsty traveler, though the positioning of the hose opening at the bottom of pack makes for a lengthy, but necessary, route.  The hose opening  on the Morro pack could also be a little larger, as it was a bit of work to pull the (mouth piece) bit in and out. However, the soft plastic bite valve feels comfortable and easy on the teeth and gums.

Breathable Fabrics:

Material used on the Morro shoulder straps and backside of the pack absorbed perspiration on upward climbs and strenuous calorie-burning sessions, but additional padding would have been an added benefit to the pack, especially on the shoulders.

Compact in size without compromising space, Hydrapak 2010 accomplishes intended goals.  The day hiker or cyclist can be assured they will be well hydrated and able to safely stow personal items to their ultimate destination.

By Mary Webb


  • Capacity: 800 cubic inches (13.1 Liters)
  • Volume: 100oz water bladder (2.96 Liters)
  • Drink hose: Big Bore
  • MSRP: $110
  • Colors: Black (as tested); Orange/white

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