Hiking Buffalo National River Wilderness Arkansas

Daniel Byrum in Buffalo River Wilderness, ArkansasBuffalo National River Wilderness Area, Arkansas. When one thinks of Arkansas, the first thing may be Bill Clinton, or that state that is in the South somewhere. I have long been enthusiastic about what Arkansas has to offer the nation. It’s beauty is unmistakeable and unique. It may not have high, snow-capped mountains, but it has untouched and untamed wilderness, which given a chance will change your mind about Arkansas in a single outing. This is my home, my playground, my fresh air supplier.

Daniel Byrum
Fayetteville, AK

3 thoughts on “Hiking Buffalo National River Wilderness Arkansas

  1. i really like this picture. it is perfect for describing the natural beauty of arkansas.

  2. Dude, nice story i have never been to Arkansas but it sounds like you know where to find the beauty in your part of the world. i believe every place as something that is absolutly amazing about it. you are one of few that have found that beauty. too many people today get caught up in the material world we live in today… keep on discovering.
    good luck on the contest.

    no need for TV, Radio and usless objects. all you need is life and love.

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