Robert Rodman on Breakneck Ridge, NY

Robert Rodman on Breakneck Ridge, NY

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2 thoughts on “Robert Rodman on Breakneck Ridge, NY

  1. Rob, this is awesome. You have really become the great outdoorsman. Ever since I can remember, you had a baby on your back in a backpack, hiking with you, camping or you were out biking. So cool to see you here. You belong out there. You seem your happiest doing so…Makes me wish I had the time. Looks so beautiful and serene. We always admire your sense of adventure, your motivation and drive, despite your tough job. This must bring you such peace. We will have to get out there with you, so you can show us the beauty you find in your travels. I’m envious in a good way. Thanks for the inspiration. You really approach everything you do in life with great spirit and devotion. The Costellos.

  2. I can just imagine the scenery as i stroll on one of the Golf Courses near by…Picturesque! That is an awesome spot…

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