Thomas Knauer Hikes In Jericho, Vermont

Thomas Knauer_loMy favorite place to snowshoe is on some private wooded land not far from my home in Jericho, VT.  “Whose woods these are I think I know…” as Robert Frost said.  Actually, I have no idea who owns the land, but I’ve talked to an old-timer who walks near there who said people are welcome to hike and ski as they please.  Last winter I went for a run to discover where a particular dirt road lead and came upon this great trail system.  The following weekend I was able to convince my wife, eight months pregnant at the time, to go for an hour long snowshoe adventure with me and the dogs (she took this picture).  The place is pristine in winter; lots of snow on rolling terrain with nobody else around.  The place leaves something to be desired in summer months, though, as it is thick with deer flies and mosquitoes which are hard to evade as you slog through shin-deep mud.

Thomas Knauer
Jericho, VT

10 thoughts on “Thomas Knauer Hikes In Jericho, Vermont

  1. Love that Robert Frost poem! What a great pic! Have fun this winter with Big D in the backpack!

  2. Great story…..I can picture Jen last winter ….and now we have little Dylan…..nice picture of you and the dogs…..

  3. hopefully someday we’ll have the technology to totally eradicate those black flies and mosquitoes, and the mud too.

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