Amy Saba Hikes In Conkle’s Hollow, Ohio

Amy SabaMy favorite place to hike is Conkle’s Hollow, Hocking County, in Southeast Ohio.  Hocking County has many great trails and places to explore and I have been there seven or eight times to do quick hikes and day hikes.  The area is famous for Old Man’s Cave.  There are a lot of giant recess caves and the geography boasts beautiful cliff formations of black hand sandstone that help make up the gorgeous caves and also show up in the carved out hollows that are plentiful in that rugged, diverse area of Ohio.  I read somewhere it is the most un-Ohio-like place in Ohio.

Amy Saba
Canton, OH

11 thoughts on “Amy Saba Hikes In Conkle’s Hollow, Ohio

  1. Great photo. I live in Ohio too, and Ms. Saba is right. This is a wonderful place to explore.

  2. Amy—She should get these pants because she looks enough like a model to really look good in them—while at the same time she will get practical use of them because she is the “outdoorsy-type”. Amy–You go girl! Holly

  3. Way to go, Amy! I once got lost in Conkle’s Hollow and had an adventurous time finding my way back.

  4. Amy should totally win this contest! She is the most outdoorsy person I know, and definitely deserves to win! :)

  5. I know Amy loves to hike. She would look great hiking in a new pair of pants!! Amy, I’ve never heard you describe Hocking Hills like this. I would love to go with you sometime, if I won’t slow you down too much.

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