In the world of running, there are only a handful of folks in the one-mile event who can keep pace with David O’Meara. Now consider O’ Meara’s quest to compete in 27 back-to-back races in 27 New England towns over the course of 61 days between July and the end of August. It’s called the SmoothToe New England Marathon, and it’s currently about mid way through. The goal is to run a total of 26.2 miles in less than 2 hours, 11 minutes.  

You’d think the 46 year-old O’ Meara would wax eloquently about his physical conditioning and experience that provides him with a competitive advantage. If not his physical readiness, surely it must be his shoes or his ability to muster his inner will to run harder and faster than competitors half his age. But no, it’s about rapid recovery time and the socks he wears in each race; with a mere 54 hours of time between each event to rest up, then gear up for the next mile.

“Nobody expects a 46 year-old athlete to be running faster than I did last year, especially with so little time between races … yet that’s what I’m doing. SmoothToe Energizing Socks are a big reason for that because I train, race and most importantly recover faster in them” added O’Meara.

What’s so different about socks that a man known for a keen sense of willpower and conditioning would cite them as an advantage? Well, we’ve been observing new innovations in fabric technology and technology in general as they have been applied to the outdoor lifestyle market. The technology in the SmoothToe Energizing Socks uses Lycra Energy fabric in combination with Coolmax XtraLife fabric.

O’Meara puts it in the vernacular so runners training to compete in their own brand of foot racing whether it be marathons, trail running, or circle track sprints around the red clay training complex. “My edge this year is that I discovered SmoothToe® Energizing Socks.  They deliver a precise amount of graduated compression from ankle to knee. Muscle recovery is the most important variable in successfully completing 27 races in 61 days. I chose SmoothToe® Energizing Socks with LYCRA® ENERGY fabric because, after testing the recovery benefits, I consider them the ultimate in running and recovery socks”, he says.

 O’Meara has completed races in Woodstock, Vermont; Augusta, Maine; Loudon, New Hampshire and Littleton, Massachusetts. Follow his progress during the second half of his SmoothToe New England Marathon attempt here: .


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