Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Tablets For Safe Drinking Water

Potable-Aqua-chlorine-dioxide-tabletsChemically treating water is one of the safest and most popular ways of making questionable water safe to drink. But while some outdoor enthusiasts don’t like the taste left behind from using iodine, Potable Aqua offers chlorine dioxide tablets that kill bacteria and micro organisms like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  In addition, Potable Aqua’s Chlorine Dioxide tablets don’t require any measuring and improve the taste and odor of treated water.

Each tablet treats one quart of water in a four-hourp dwell time to kill 100 percent of common and serious water contaminants. At a retail price of $9.95 for a package of 20 tablets, Potable Aqua’s Chlorine Dioxide tablets are inexpensive to use and are essential part of anyone’s backcountry gear. For more information on Potable Aqua’s line of products, visit www.potableaqua.com

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