Wolverine Fortis

New hiker-mid Wolverine Fortis
New hiker-mid Wolverine Fortis

Fortis is the new mid hiking boot from Wolverine®  designed around the state-of-the-art Individual Comfort System (ICSTM).  The men’s Fortis waterproof hiker is the next generation in performance footwear from Wolverine. Fortis allows wearers to customize their comfort by selecting the amount of firmness or cushion needed with the removable heel disk dial. The Fortis hiker incorporates additional comfort and performance enhancements including a GORE-TEX® waterproof lining, lightweight full-grain leather and Cordura upper, padded collar and durable outsole for increased stability on uneven terrain. Color choices for this mid-hiker will be black, brown and olive. Also available in Nubuck. Fortis will be available in Fall 2009 at a suggested retail price of US $200.00.

About Individual Comfort System (ICS)

The ICS system is a removable insole with an adjustable heel disk that allows the wearer to set the amount of cushion or firmness where it’s needed. Wolverine ICS offers four options for customized wear. Each dial should be set at the same comfort level for optimum performance.

  • Firm: Increases energy return and provides an extra spring in your step for all day wear
  • Outer Support: Delivers increased stability for higher arches and for individuals that wear their shoes out on the outside edge or walk with an outward tilt (otherwise known as supination)
  • Cushion: Provides additional cushion under the heel for maximum shock absorption
  • Inner Support: Offers additional support for flat feet and fallen arches and for users who wear their shoes out on the inner edge or walk with an inward tilt (otherwise known as pronation)

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