wengercompasswatchWenger introduces the new Nomad LED Compass Watch (PN# 70430) for rugged outdoors people, regardless of your activity. Knowing what time it is and which direction you’re heading are fundamental criteria for anyone who travels into the backcountry.

With the Nomad LED Compass Watch you get many design and construction elements only found in more expensive timepieces. Things like a mineral crystal that resists scratching, and specialized Swiss-quartz movement housed in a brushed stainless steel, 43-millimeter diameter, case that’s water resistant to 100 meters. A water resistance rating of 100 meters or 330 feet indicates you can leave the Nomad on when you surf, kayak, snorkel, or trudge to your destination in a monsoon downpour.

A traditional buckle clasp fastener on a silicon wrist strap keeps the watch on your wrist where you can keep your eye on the day, date, and direction of your travel. The compass function is digital, so it confirms direction of travel with your hand-held compass, or can be used as a primary compass.

Large numerals and hour/minute/second hands on the black watch face are illuminated in low-light conditions for easy reading. The suggested retail price for this sturdy timepiece is $375.00 U.S. For more information of the Wenger line of watches, go to:

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