WetFire Stove

WetFire Survival StoveWhen you’re out in the wilderness and it’s cold and wet, The WetFire Stove makes for a great emergency survival stove. It weighs less than half an ounce, and one cube of WetFire tinder placed on the stove platform will boil a cup of water in approximately 5 minutes. Even in the pouring down rain, WetFire tinder will guarantee a long hot flame.

The lightweight stove folds for storage and works with a variety of off-the-shelf metal camp cups. It comes with 2 cubes of WetFire tinder and a reusable storage bag.

The BASE Kit (Basic Adventure Survival EssentialsTM) is a waterproof kit that contains the essentials to start a fire and signal for help. It weighs 2.4 ounces and is watertight to 200 feet. Components include the new Sparkie mini emergency fire starter that boasts one-handed operation, two cubes of WetFire tinder, the unbreakable StarFlash® signal mirror and the JetScream whistle. For more information, contact Ultimate Survival Technologies, www.ultimatesurvival.com

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