What Is FreshAirJunkie.com?

Taft Point YosemiteFreshAirJunkie.com is a site dedicated to outdoor adventure sport aficionados who love to learn and be active in the outdoors. We cover all of the aspects of outdoor adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking, canoe and kayaking, rock climbing and more.

But FreshAirJunkie.com isn’t only for the┬áperson into extreme sports, its also for the novice who is just getting into camping or learning how to rock climb for the first time. We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest in gear, apparel, outdoor news, and technical savy on your favorite outdoor activity…even if its just pitching a tent and laying on a hammock.

As this site grows, we’ll include video and interviews with outdoor professionals, athletes, authors and experts who can give tips on taking care of our environment, as well as how to properly select the right mountain bike for you and your kids. We hope you enjoy FreshAirJunkie.com and come back to see what new content and categories we’ve added . Most imortantly, we hope you enjoy all of your outdoor adventures and give us any feedback to help make this site better for you and our outdoor environment.

3 thoughts on “What Is FreshAirJunkie.com?

  1. This is a great idea!!! Can’t wait to see more from you guys!
    I would like to see some paragliding if you decide to cover this on your site.

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