We test a variety of outdoor watches with compasses, altimiters and more.

Origo Rendezvous Peak Watch

Pass the Origo! Yep, the Rendezvous Peak compass watch is a strong choice for recreational climbers, backpacker, and folks who spend time out of doors. The Origo Rendezvous Peak is a multi-sensor mountaineering watch with perfect digital time, solid compass, altimeter, barometer, and chronograph functions to get you there… wherever it is you are going. [...]

Wenger Nomad Compass Watch Review

The Nomad Compass watch uses both digital and analog technology in this multi-function timepiece. Of course, this watch is Swiss made and uses Swiss movements. Both the watch crown and casing are milled from high-quality stainless steel for durability. The brushed finish also lends an appealing aesthetic value to the Nomad. [...]

Timex WS4 Expedition Watch Review

“Before I curl into my sleeping bag, I note the current altitude and barometric pressure,” Anker said. “In the few hours I sleep if I see a change in the altitude or barometric pressure I can get an idea of the coming weather patterns. As it is an inverse relationship between altitude and barometric pressure, if I wake at the same or lower elevation I can be confident the atmospheric pressure has remained constant. If I rise to a higher altitude, I need to be aware as there is a chance of a low pressure moving in.” [...]