Great Places To Get Outdoors

Bass Fishing on Vail Lake

Vail Lake is a large reservoir in western Riverside County, California, about 15 miles east of Temecula. It’s a warm water lake where crappie, blue gill, catfish, and largemouth bass reside in these quiet waters. If you live within reach, Vail Lake and its rich countryside might be a destination to work out your own plan for getting out of doors. [...]

Hiking Snow Creek Trail In Yosemite NP

Snow Creek trail is not as popular as some of Yosemite’s other trails. In spring, that was a good thing: we had the trail almost to ourselves. As mentioned above, this description of the Snow Creek Trail bear repeating: Hikers, myself included, would describe the trail as “strenuous” and “brutally difficult.” It is the steepest of the five trails from the Yosemite Valley floor. [...]