Sockwell Compression Sock Review

Comfortable and full of performance materials
Comfortable and full of performance materials

By Mary Webb

There is nothing simple about these Sockwell knee-high compression socks, other than they are simply marvelous. We took a hike in the Napa Valley, California region to the Table Rock trail, as well as bike rides in northern California, and found the design of the Sockwell compression socks to be quite upright.

Cold temperatures and rainy weather made me glad to be sporting the Sockwell compression socks in natural color ways. My feet were warm and my calves were well supported on the steep ascents to Table Rock. There are several percentages of various fabrics that are woven together, producing a tubular combination to keep your feet and calves happy.

You supply the labor out on the trail, Sockwell supplies the materials!

Constructed of 32-percent Merino wool, 31-percent Bamboo, 32-percent stretch nylon and six-percent Spandex, the Sockwell compression socks are a myriad of fabrics.

The softness of the Merino wool provides natural temperature and moisture management. This was evident when we wore the Sockwell compression socks on our rode bike training sessions. Moisture was wicked away, and our feet stayed dry and comfortable on the bike trail.

Turn welt keeps the socks from slipping
Turn welt keeps the socks from slipping

Bamboo? Yes, Bamboo has natural anti-microbial characteristics that allow the socks to breathe. Odor resistant qualities in the Bamboo will make this sock a champion out on the ski slopes and snow shoeing in the Sequoias.

Stretch nylon fabric works with the Spandex to give you mobility in pulling the socks to your knee. The Sockwell compression socks did not slip down my calves during our hikes in the Napa region. It was such a comfort to have the support of the Spandex throughout the sock, preventing slippage inside our shoes.

There are various Sockwell features sewn into the material to make this sock a performance choice out on the trail: turn welt, arch support, flat toe seams and cushioned soles.

The top of the sock is tucked down inside the sock, this is called a turn welt. The turn welt is an abundance of extra elastic that keeps the socks upright and correct, giving a finished look to your outdoor attire. Speaking of outdoor looks, the Sockwell compression sock is available in colors other than the natural look we chose: bark solid, black solid, black stripe, teal and plum.

An arch support is an added band of spandex sewn into the arch area of the foot. An arch support serves two functions: to provide support to the arch area of the foot and reduce slippage of the sock in your shoe.

The flat toe seams provide comfort, particularly felt as I was clipped into my biking shoes. Nothing can be more unwieldy than a bulky seam along the toes, bunching up against the tip of your shoes.

The cushioned soles were comfortable inside my hiking boots, as well as worn alone. After our long wet hike in Napa, I took off my boots, grabbed some cocoa and put my feet up on the couch. My feet were warm and comfortable and I didn’t want to take the socks off.

When you do decide to peel them off to wash, make sure to turn the socks inside out before you toss them in the machine. Do not use bleach and make sure the dryer is set on a lower temperature. Take good care of these socks, you will want them to be with you for several of your outdoor activities.

Spandex provides comfort in the legs
Spandex provides comfort in the legs

Look no further for a stocking stuffer this Christmas season, for a price point of $24.99, you can get a leg up on your gift giving purchases.

Sock Size Specifications:

Small/Medium: Men’s 2 to 6.5 and Women’s 4 to 7.5, EU 35 to 38

Medium/Large: Men’s 7 to 10 and Women’s 8 to 10.5, EU 39 to 43

Large/X-Large: Men’s 10.5 to 13 and Women’s 11 to 13, EU 44 to 47


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