Nau Versa Blazer and Glimpse Dress Review

Nau Versa Blazer and Glimpse Dress: outdoor options for day hikers and evening fashionistas

Nau_front_river2Nau ramps up spring and summer outdoor apparel offerings with the Versa Blazer and Glimpse dress. So she’ll be Comin’ down the mountain…after an amazing morning of blazing the trails of Mount Shasta!

On this trip, instead of preparing for our typical evening campfire, we wanted to venture out into the unknown terrains and people of this great northern destination! We needed an early evening blazer; but not just any blazer, we needed something that would travel well and hold up against the precipitous northern California weather. Nau’s Versa Blazer made from 100% recycled pucker-weave polyester is a perfect fit.  While Shasta County offers several areas of interest, we decided to visit the Sun Dial Bridge in Redding, followed by a day of wine tasting in the volcanic region of Manton.

Just as the blue skied background of Mount Shasta caught our eye, so did the blue undertones of the Versa blazer we wore in Metal, really setting this jacket off with a bang!  Additional colors available are Caviar and Tar, equally accompanying to a pair of jeans or dress.  Slipping on the jacket is an experience in itself, comfort beyond measure at a mere $198. We were feeling fit and ready for fun with the buoyancy of Nau’s fabric as we made our way down the beautiful Sun Dial Bridge.

Versa blazer and Levis, a convenient alliance.
Versa blazer and Levis, a convenient alliance.

While there are many raves to this review, we were quite impressed with the pockets.  The outer pockets are perfect size for a woman’s hands, nestled nicely like an eagle egg in a nest.  These triangular cut pockets invite your hands to slide in and relax.  While these are strictly tailored for hands, don’t worry, we will let you in on a little secret….there’s a zippered pocket tucked away at the right hand pocket.  Virtually unnoticeable and the zipper pull is well hidden at the corner seam at said right.  It’s a perfect place to store your car key.  Additionally, not only is their polyester lining an added layer of protection for the jacket, it also serves as two additional pockets as well!  We found these very helpful for stashing a few dollars for a coffee along the way.

Such easy movement in the sleeves!  We were able to stretch out those shoulders and arms after hiking with our pack all morning, feeling relaxed and sophisticated.  Part of the sophistication of the jacket is in the details of the buttons at the end of sleeves buttoning down the sleeves for a classy Eastern look.  These cuffs are functional as well, as they may be unbuttoned to extend the sleeves down to the hands to protect your knuckles from chilly breezes along the river.  The collar and loose-laying lapels also turn up nicely to extend the usefulness against chill.

Nau Versa Blazer. Click to enlarge.Strategic stitching borders the five buttons along the front and defines the curvature of the jacket at the rear.  There is a slight pucker in the waist that allows the stitching to set the stage for a tailored look. The cut of the jacket along with the detailed stitching sets Nau apart from other outdoor blazers on the market, as a Cheetah among cats.

As we made our way back across the bridge, the predictable northern precipitation and sprinkling rain was upon us.  While most women would be running for cover, we felt we were covered here.  We were confident that Nau’s Teijin ECOCIRCLE® fiber, which comes from polyester waste, would live up to its intentions.  Just as water off a ducks back, the blazer was spot free as we set off to combo up our blazer with Nau’s Glimpse Dress and a pairing of wine and cheese…

Nau Glimpse Dress

Glimpse Dress: great for outdoor fashion and trouble-free travel.
Glimpse Dress: great for outdoor fashion and trouble-free travel.

At a mere glimpse of this fine-looking dress, also in Metal; we feel the soft-durability of the fabric that comes as a mixture of 80-percent jersey cotton and 10-percent spandex.  Once we put it on, we felt like dancing in the vineyard!  Plenty of room to move about and the free flowing full-length seamed dress feels nice upon a pair of legs that may have gotten too much sun in her hiking shorts during the day.

Chiseled cuts in the design highlight those muscles; we especially like the bridge of material at the height of the back connecting the shoulder straps and framing the upper-back nicely.  Speaking of shoulders, not only does Nau’s Glimpse dress come with wide shoulders, optional snap ties allow you to adjust the straps to your mood.  We felt it was easier to slide the snapped loop along the shoulder strap rather than to refasten.

And, let’s be upfront; the glimpse dress provides a built-in shelf bra which minimizes the packing list on your trip, not bad for $85.00.  Due to the built-in shelf bra, Nau’s Glimpse dress became well-established and form fitted to the torso in several of the winery establishments.  If you like Caviar with your wine, this dress comes in that color as well.

Summer is approaching soon; start planning that special destination get-a-away!  Up north, down south, east and west; Nau’s Versa Blazer and Glimpse dress are ready to be packed up among your gear to gear you up for an evening of fun.  Whatever destination you choose or whatever time, we know for certain… Nau knows: It’s time to Live, Love and Laugh!

By Mary Webb


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